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Infrastructure Projects on Base Layer 2


Base’s Layer 2 network is a powerful foundation for building next-generation blockchain infrastructure projects. With its strong security measures, Ethereum-backed stability, and the backing of Coinbase, infrastructure projects on Base enjoy a highly reliable and scalable environment. The platform’s low gas fees and rapid transaction processing make it perfect for projects focused on providing essential services such as oracle networks, decentralized storage solutions, and cross-chain bridges. By building on Base, infrastructure projects can offer fast, secure, and cost-effective solutions, contributing significantly to the growth and adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.

DockHive is a pioneering platform that merges Docker container technology with blockchain, creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure. It distributes containers across a network of nodes for resilience and performance, enhances security through encryption and isolation, and enables dynamic scaling across different locations. Powered by the native token DHT, DockHive aims to revolutionize cloud computing by offering a secure, efficient, and decentralized solution for managing Docker containers.
Choko Wallet
An AA + MPC wallet across all L2s with a focus in DeFi + SocialFi.
Octavia AI
The Web3 Crypto AI Assistant powered by the VIA token
Decentrium: DeFi 2.0 protocol on Base and Arbitrum, offering cross-chain, insurance, staking, and governance features.
Pheasant Network
Pheasant Network is an optimistic bridge between Layer 1 and Layer 2
Quick Intel
an innovative cross-chain token scanning and security platform
Create NFTs easily, no-code.
Tide Exchange
Tide is an innovative, decentralized exchange,
Netherlabs is a cryptocurrency ecosystem offering innovative products including a decentralized perpetual and swap exchange, community and gaming platform, and an overarching ecosystem token with cross-product perks.
Base Name Service
Base Name Service is a decentralized naming service that provides users with the ability to register their .base name on Ethereum and bridge it to the Base Blockchain.