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Decentrium: DeFi 2.0 protocol on Base and Arbitrum, offering cross-chain, insurance, staking, and governance features.

Decentrium Project Details

Decentrium is a decentralized exchange built on the Base and Arbitrum ecosystems, aiming to create a DeFi 2.0 protocol that supports multiple chains and assets. It focuses on financing infrastructure assets to improve consensus efficiency and enhance on-chain application usage. Key features of Decentrium include ETF issuance, insurance, a burn mechanism, token locking reward mechanism, governance, and cross-chain capabilities. Decentrium’s unique staking, lending, and borrowing mechanism requires collateral for borrowing while allowing users to earn APY simultaneously. The project’s roadmap outlines a series of milestones, including network expansions, smart contract developments, and DAO integration, among others. Decentrium is backed by strategic partners and aims to be interoperable with various external blockchains.


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