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Quick Intel

an innovative cross-chain token scanning and security platform

Quick Intel Project Details

Quick Intel (QUICKI) is an innovative cross-chain token scanning and security platform designed to protect users from scams and malicious token activities. The platform offers a Telegram Bot, Discord Bot, and web dApp for users to quickly scan tokens for safety and security. QUICKI Scan evaluates tokens for buy/sell confirmation, token taxes, honeypots, locked LP, hidden malicious functions, and alerts users to known scams and rug pulls.

QUICKI supports multiple chains including ETH, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, CORE, POM, KAVA, METIS, Astar, Oasis, zkSync, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon zkEVM, LOOP, Conflux, Canto, IoTeX, and Velas, with plans to add BASE support. By holding $QUICKI tokens, users can gain access to exclusive information and features, including in-depth analysis of malicious code, social voting, and early access to new features.

Key Features:

Cross-chain support
Token scanning for security and safety
QUICKI Bot for Telegram and Discord
QUICKI Dashboard for token analysis and trends
Exclusive features for $QUICKI token holders
Pro-active scam detection

Join the QUICKI community and stay safe in the world of Web3 with the most innovative security tool available!


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