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Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution designed to offer secure and scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications. It aims to make the Ethereum ecosystem accessible to everyone, providing an affordable and developer-friendly platform for building DApps.

The platform leverages the underlying security of Ethereum and allows seamless onboarding from Coinbase, Ethereum L1, and other interoperable chains. Developers can take advantage of early access to Ethereum features like Account Abstraction and gasless transactions. Additionally, the platform offers smart contract wallets, making it easier for developers to build applications that interact with user wallets.

Base is powered by Optimism’s OP Stack, an open-source framework that is being developed as a public good. The platform contributes a portion of sequencer revenue to funding public goods, ensuring the ecosystem remains open and accessible to everyone.

These projects below are native to the Base Layer 2 chain.

DockHive is a pioneering platform that merges Docker container technology with blockchain, creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure. It distributes containers across a network of nodes for resilience and performance, enhances security through encryption and isolation, and enables dynamic scaling across different locations. Powered by the native token DHT, DockHive aims to revolutionize cloud computing by offering a secure, efficient, and decentralized solution for managing Docker containers.
We are a platform that brings all the good parts of decentralized finance together in one place
Beagle Swap – Full-Base, Layer 2 DEX – Fast, easy trading on @BuildOnBase 🛡️
BeagleSwap - Full-Base, Layer 2 DEX - Fast, easy trading on @BuildOnBase
CBSwap is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Base Layer 2 blockchain.
Yum Yum Token (表情包)
The Next-Gen Meme Coin Taking the Crypto World by Storm with already over 23,000 future base users.
VirtueSekai is a web3 Visual Novel MMORPG gaming project with a focus on economy, art, and game systems.
Blue is a DEX on Base blockchain with custom liquidity infrastructure for builders and real yield generation.
Netherlabs is a cryptocurrency ecosystem offering innovative products including a decentralized perpetual and swap exchange, community and gaming platform, and an overarching ecosystem token with cross-product perks.
Basement is a concentrated liquidity layer on Base with an order book DEX and a proprietary AMM that aims to offer lower IL compared to other solutions in the market.
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