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VirtueSekai is a web3 Visual Novel MMORPG gaming project with a focus on economy, art, and game systems.

VirtueSekai Project Details

VirtueSekai is an upcoming turn-based visual novel MMORPG with a major focus on art, economy, and game systems. Developed on the Ethereum network, the project is now migrating to Base Network. The game has a variety of systems, including the ability to interact with your game character NFTs by updating metadata when you level up your stats, equip new gear, etc. The project has a testnet running with a few features available, with more to be added in the coming months before the mainnet launch of BASE. The smart contracts will also be updated and added to before that time.

The VirtueSekai game is a turn-based visual novel massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Essentially, players will traverse to different zones encountering NPCs, monsters, quests, and other players in 2D and sometimes 2.5D settings. Current features confirmed for the game include quests that can be completed for rewards, a battle system to fight monsters, an item converter to change in-game items to NFTs, guild system, in-game chat, party system, leaderboards, character stats, class system, skill trees, in-game shops for regular and premium currency, auction house, crafting, and professions.

The project has an initial offering token called VS Token, which can be used for things within the VirtueSekai ecosystem and is also a presale token for platinum, their in-game premium currency. Half of the proceeds from VS Token sales go to the liquidity pool for platinum, and the other half is used for the development of VirtueSekai. Minting something on the VirtueSekai website entitles holders to an Easter NFT sent to their wallets when BASE mainnet launches.

VirtueSekai also has a fun collection called Virtuetown, drawn by the developer instead of the artist, used to support the development of VirtueSekai. It has various mechanics such as burning for different NFTs and farming power coming soon.

To support the development of VirtueSekai, they offer supporter packs which guarantee a spot in their beta of the game and provide WL, airdrops, and other rewards. Events for VirtueSekai happen for every major holiday and airdrop special NFT rewards. The game is coming to PC, iOS, and Android.

Overall, VirtueSekai is a unique and exciting project that aims to create a visually stunning and engaging gaming experience with a focus on economy, art, and game systems.


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