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Base is revolutionizing the decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem by providing a developer-friendly and cost-effective platform for building cutting-edge dApps. With its Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) infrastructure, Base ensures rapid transaction speeds, reduced gas fees, and consistent security measures, all while maintaining the decentralization that the cryptoeconomy demands. Developers can now harness the power of Base to create innovative dApps that seamlessly integrate with Coinbase’s suite of products, users, and tools, enabling access to over 110 million verified users and more than $80 billion in assets on the Coinbase platform.

As a testament to Base’s remarkable capabilities, numerous projects are already leveraging its potential to bring their dApps to life. Below, you’ll find an array of examples showcasing the diverse range of projects that have chosen Base as their go-to platform for decentralized application development. These projects demonstrate how Base empowers developers to create groundbreaking dApps with unparalleled ease, security, and scalability. Join the Base ecosystem today and take advantage of its transformative features to bring your dApp vision to reality.

DockHive is a pioneering platform that merges Docker container technology with blockchain, creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure. It distributes containers across a network of nodes for resilience and performance, enhances security through encryption and isolation, and enables dynamic scaling across different locations. Powered by the native token DHT, DockHive aims to revolutionize cloud computing by offering a secure, efficient, and decentralized solution for managing Docker containers.
Octavia AI
The Web3 Crypto AI Assistant powered by the VIA token
Palette 🔴🟢🔵
Web3 Art Experiment and NFT-based Social Game
Pheasant Network
Pheasant Network is an optimistic bridge between Layer 1 and Layer 2
Create NFTs easily, no-code.
Collar Finance
liquidity without liquidation
Tide Exchange
Tide is an innovative, decentralized exchange,
a defi asset management dapp that connects digital wallets to fund managers through cross-chain vaults