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DockHive is a pioneering platform that merges Docker container technology with blockchain, creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure. It distributes containers across a network of nodes for resilience and performance, enhances security through encryption and isolation, and enables dynamic scaling across different locations. Powered by the native token DHT, DockHive aims to revolutionize cloud computing by offering a secure, efficient, and decentralized solution for managing Docker containers.
Tiny Based Frogs
Tiny Based Frogs is Base's first 100% fully on-chain NFT collection, featuring unfathomly based on-chain interactive mechanics.
Ogma Finance
The Liquidity Layer of Base
Beagle Swap – Full-Base, Layer 2 DEX – Fast, easy trading on @BuildOnBase 🛡️
BeagleSwap - Full-Base, Layer 2 DEX - Fast, easy trading on @BuildOnBase