News on Base

Tiny Based Frogs

Tiny Based Frogs is Base’s first 100% fully on-chain NFT collection, featuring unfathomly based on-chain interactive mechanics.

Pira Finance

Welcome to Pira Finance – a community-owned multichain DEX revolutionizing decentralized finance. Built on Layer2 Blockchains, including Base, opBNB, etc. Pira Finance offers a seamless and secure trading experience. Pira […]

Ogma Finance

Welcome to the launch of Ogma Finance, the most versatile liquidity protocol for lending and borrowing. Ogma is built on Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network offering a secure, […]


🐶 BeagleSwap is Tribe-led, Layer-2 DEX – Fast, secured, easy trading on Base Network. BeagleSwap takes full advantage of Base’s secure, low-cost, user-friendly. The philosophy behind BeagleSwap is simple: Enabling […]

Choko Wallet

We are an AA + MPC wallet solution that looks to set a new standard in what a retail wallet solution oughta be. A squad that’s diverse, distributed, and dedicated […]